Print ads can still be the most powerful medium for getting your message across, as these highly innovative print advertising campaigns show. Take a look at these amazing, innovative print ads and we guarantee you’ll be oozing with inspiration. Despite what you can achieve with photoshop, you still need a concept that’s going to stick in people’s minds.


Ogilvy & Mather are known for creating some of the best print advertisements around the world. This is just another example of their brilliant work. Created for Fevikwik Instant Adhesive, it’s one of a three-part print advertisement series that uses clever illustration and a monochrome colour scheme to its fullest potential.


Created by DLV BBDO in Milan, Italy, this simple execution works wonders for music magazine Rolling Stone. With a brilliant tag line ‘We are made of rock,’ the brand’s attitudes, product and ethos are effortlessly put across with this print advertisement. Using a signature-like font also showcases the rock star aesthetic.


This ingenious pad campaign by Ogilvy for travel brand Expedia uses airport IATA codes to great effect. The idea came about after the team noticed a woman walking through Heathrow with the word FUK hanging off her suitcase. With over 9,000 airports around the world, each with its own three-letter code to choose from, the team created a series of prints, using a tagline in the form of passport stamp, which says ‘Find whatever floats your boat’.



This hard-hitting print ad campaiging against gun violence comes from advertising and marketing agency Grey New York. The campaign, which features three human targets, including a small baby, calls for an update to the USA’s antiquated gun laws. The ad, commissioned by non-profit organisation States United to Prevent Gun Violence, features the tagline ‘Bullets leave bigger holes than you think’.


When you think of influential print advertising campaigns, WeightWatchers doesn’t really spring to mind. However, after scouring through hundreds of print ads, this is one that really stood out from the bunch. The perfectly made-up lips clashed with the greasy batch of fries makes for quite a stomach-churning effect.Without the excess number of fries, this would probably be semi-enticing but the simple addition really gets the message across. It isn’t telling you to stop this or stop that; it’s telling you to ‘treat yourself better.’ A simple and very personal print ad that works.


Pen giant Sharpie has produced some marvellous print ads over the years and  kept up with design trends galore. Brazilian based agency Draftfcb creates these clever print ads with the tagline ‘One story. Two Points’. In the ad above, the Sharpie is depicting the two sides of the sucess of Facebook. We love the comic book execution. Which side will you believe?


FedEx have had plenty of campaigns in the past but this simple execution of its services really does the job. The use of colour used for the U.S.A. and Brazil against the wall colour ensure this print advert looks realistic yet artistic. The campaign also ensures that the FedEx package is the centre of attention without being too bolshy. Thanks to